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Your face. I like it.


Trinity Blood: Mirka by RadClawedRaid
Trinity Blood: Mirka
Series: Trinity Blood
Character: Mirka Fortuna
Photographer: Carlos Mayenco Cosplay Photographer
Costume made by: Kiara Kirameki
Costume worn by: RadClawedRaid

This is the Mirka cosplay Kiara Kirameki had made to match my Seth!  She gave me the costume quite a while ago, but I hadn't had a chance to shoot it until a couple of weeks ago!  It's such a gorgeous costume, I'm so happy I got to wear it (especially without having to make it hahaha)!  I hope you all enjoy it!

For more, follow my Facebook Page as not everything gets uploaded here anymore and only usually 1 of each set goes on here.  So for more of each outfit and possibly others that don't make it here, be sure to check it out :D 
TTGL: Maid Yoko by RadClawedRaid
TTGL: Maid Yoko
Photographer: Lorenzo So Photography
Series: Gurren Lagann
Character: (Maid) Yoko Littner
Cosplayer: RadClawedRaid
BrisNova 2014

I finally got around to making this costume!  I also had a Nia with me, but we've yet to find pictures of us together :c  it turned out to be such a comfortable costume, I'll probably end up wearing it again.  Also super happy my skull clip turned out okay, he's so cute >3<

I apologise, but I am pretty inactive on dA these days - only putting up an image here or there as I remember.  But not all of my recent costumes are on here.  If you want to see more of my cosplay work please follow my Facebook Page or Instagram as I update both of those regularly :D :D
RWBY: Yang Xiao Long by RadClawedRaid
RWBY: Yang Xiao Long
Photographer: Carlos Mayenco Cosplay Photographer
Series: RWBY
Character: Yang Xiao Long
Cosplayer: RadClawedRaid
BrisNova 2014

A lot needs to be fixed on this costume before I wear her again.  Also hopefully soon I'll be making her Alt "Hunter" outfit! 
PMMM: Homura x Madoka by RadClawedRaid
PMMM: Homura x Madoka
Photographer: Carlos Mayenco Cosplay Photographer
Series: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Characters: Homura and Madoka
CosplayersKiara Kirameki and RadClawedRaid
Taken on the Friday of BrisNova 2014.

I've been wanting to cosplay Madoka for so long now but just never got around to it.  I'm so happy to have finally cosplayed her and to have my waifu as my Homu :heart:
We also had another version of these girls planned and ready to go, but unfortunately due to a heap of issues and time restraints we've postponed that one until a little later.
Adekan: Anri and Shiro by RadClawedRaid
Adekan: Anri and Shiro
Photography: Ryo-Kun
Series: Adekan
Characters: Anri and Shiro
Cosplayers: Kiara Kirameki and RadClawedRaid
Helpers: Kaallisi and HAPPYHAHA

Finally got to do Adekan with my waifu.  We each made our own costumes.  I didn't fix much on my costume except for actually remembering to order a proper wig this time lol.  

We got caught in the huge hail storm just as we got to the location we were going to shoot at, then Kaallisi saved us and let us shoot in her hotel room - so THANKYOU.  These photos wouldn't have happened otherwise.  Ms Kirameki and I were drenched head to toe, a few bruises from the hail but we did the thing anyway.  And I'm so happy we got to do it !  I can't wait to do more Adekan with the waifu :love:
Since the last update I've had two photoshoots and also attended Brisbane Supanova!

First photoshoot was The Powerpuff Girls with Ms Kirameki (as Blossom) and silverharmony (as Buttercup).  With mtknot and fengsong as our photogs and Gigi as our helper/assistant!  Not many pics have been uploaded from that set yet, but Kiara has a few uploaded on her Facebook Page (linked above) if you want to check them out!  

BrisNova was the weekend just gone.  We flew up early Friday morning.  As with most Supanova cons, we were working for Armoured Heaven.  Attending with AH this time was the leading lady of Heaven's Forge (an Australian distributor of Worbla's Finest Art, Deco Art and KOBRACAST - GO FORTH AND BUY THESE AMAZING PRODUCTS FROM HER 8D ).

I had to drop two of my cosplay plans, so although Friday was almost a full day I didn't have a costume.  Instead I wore my "#TeamEve" pants, those of you who follow Eve Beauregard will know how awesome #TeamEve and Team Captain are! XD  

Saturday was Yang from RWBY.  I think she is now one of my absolute favourite costumes out of the ones I have.  I can't wait to wear her again!  I did a mini-con-shoot with FluffyLtd and we got some badass pics, so I can't wait to post some for you guys!  Unfortunately on the way home one of my (deactivated) gauntlets got damaged in my luggage so I have to remake that before I wear it next DX the other three pieces are fine though :D 

Sunday was Sheryl Nome's Northern Cross outfit.  The costume was given to me by Kiara Kirameki.  I didn't do any mini-con-shoots with this costume but I will be re-wearing that costume at some point for a photoshoot though, so there will eventually be pics of it up here!

Newton and I flew home Sunday night as I had a photoshoot Monday morning.  This was for my Rin Okumura costume, shot by Rachel Lewis Photography and her awesome assistant Alex.  They were so much fun to shoot with, we got some amazing shots - I can't wait to see the uploaded images to show you guys.  I did update a few things on the costume, only minor but I hope it makes it look better again - I always like to try improve him each time I wear him.  And I remembered my fangs/ears this time!  

While I was at BrisNova, I got my first sheet of Worbla from Heaven's Forge (linked above).  I'm so excited to start using it - I just haven't figured out exactly what I will be making with it XD  I also have a bag of Deco Art.  It all looks so exciting and fun! XD  I do have a few ideas of what I might make, but I need to work them out before going ahead with it.

Con season is over for me this year now.  I am still hoping to do a few costumes before the year ends though... quite a few "orz haha.  I don't think I'll have time for the 6-7 I would like to do.  But hopefully I can get some in before the year finishes!  I might put up a poll of the few I'd like to do, to see what you guys would like to see first!  :)

For more regular updates, please check out my Facebook Page!  It is updated frequently, with progress and a lot more images than what gets posted here.  I'm also trying to use my instagram more (same username as here) so if you have an account, link me! :D

I also opened an Etsy store, with a few miniature bottle charms listed - "Drink Me" and "Pixie Dust" bottles.  I do also have "Message in a Bottle", star glitter in a star shaped bottles that aren't listed.  I can do custom designs too, if you wanted!  I can do them as either necklaces, mobile phone charms, hook earrings or just as the charm itself.  Note that buyers must cover postage, I am happy to ship international but keep in mind that can be a bit more pricey.

See you space cowboy!

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